Volunteers Needed for Latino Legal Assistance Hotline in Response to HB 56

Join now to help thousands of Latinos in a time of crisis

In response to HB 56, Alabama’s anti-immigrant law, a hotline has been set up for people who want to report problems related to the law, get information or legal assistance. The line is mostly being staffed by staff and volunteers from the Southern Poverty Law Center and the National Immigration Law Center and a lawyer affiliated with the ACLU of Alabama will also provide some assistance. Volunteers are still needed, so if you can volunteer, please send your name, organization, phone number, where the call should be forwarded and language capacity. If possible, people should be available for 2-3 hour periods. The overwhelming majority of the callers are Spanish speakers so that is the main need language need. If the volunteer is not an attorney, they ask that the organization the volunteer comes from have an attorney available for that volunteer to talk to if an urgent question arises they cannot answer.

Contact: Meredith.Cabell@splcenter.org.