Victor M. Marquez for Vice-President of External Affairs

Fellow Colleagues and Friends:

I ask for your vote for HNBA National Vice-President of External Affairs to give me the opportunity to continue serving you, our community and the Hispanic Legal Profession.

As a former civil rights attorney and as a current Business & Real Estate Attorney with Government Relations experience, I am well rounded to serve as VP of External Affairs.  I am a member in good standing of the California Bar since 1990 without any bar complaints.  I graduated from Santa Clara University School of Law in 1990 & and U.C. Santa Barbara in1987.

I have served the HNBA over the past four years in the capacity of Immigration Committee Member (2005-2009), Annual Convention Chair for San Francisco (2006); President-Elect (2006-2007), National President (2007-2008); Immediate Past President (2008-2009) and currently as Affiliate Representative for S.F. La Raza Lawyers Association.

My vision is to make the HNBA the most inclusive organization in our country for all Hispanic attorneys, judges and law makers.   I want to focus on expanding our collaborations with sister organizations such as MALDEF, NCLR, LULAC, the National Hispanic Agenda, only to name a few.  A word from our founding fathers about me:  “Please join the Honorable Cruz Reynoso and me in supporting Victor’s candidacy.   We will both be voting for him and continuing to work with him as we do every year for the betterment of our profession.” Dr.  Mario G. Obledo, Founding Father and First National President, and Hon. Cruz Reynoso founding father.

My leadership style as the National President was to be as inclusive as possible to ensure that all Regions, Affiliates, Law Students, and Attorneys from all sectors of our profession had a voice.    I took the lead in institutionalizing The Public Interest Track and the Law Student Track at our Annual Conventions.  I launched the Voting Rights Section and developed the LGBT Section.  I also started the Annual Capital Awards Dinner in Washington D.C. during my term.

As Vice-President, amongst my top priorities will be to work on diversifying the Judiciary nationally, passage of the Dream Act, and work on Civil Rights issues including fighting mean spirited laws like the Arizona anti-immigrant laws.  Comprehensive Immigration Reform and a Path to Citizenship will be one of the most important issues the HNBA will be dealing with this coming year.   I have in-depth experience in these areas.   I trust I can competently and ably represent the position of the HNBA before Congress and the White House along with our incoming President, Diana Sen and the entire Board of Governors.

For example, in the last round of Immigration Reform in the mid-90’s, I launched and oversaw a Citizenship Campaign in Northern California and naturalized thousands of Latino immigrants.   Jose Padilla is familiar with my work.  “As the Executive Director of California Rural Legal Assistance, Inc., I can attest to Victor’s strong and passionate leadership in supporting civil and human rights organizations throughout the country.” Jose Padilla

I am also proud of my strong record in supporting law students:   I have tremendous support amongst law students and amongst young lawyers.   “Victor has been a mentor and a fearless advocate for law students and young lawyers.  We respect and support him unequivocally.”   Josue Fuentes, Sezer Solak, Maria Hernandez, Leticia Padilla, and Sandra Ambrocio.   Former Law Student Division Officers

Some of My Goals:

  • Focus on building effective collaborations around the country with other professional organizations
  • Strengthen HNBA’s External Communications and Outreach
  • Work More Closely with the ABA, State Bars, and Bars of Color
  • Expand HNBA’s Pipeline Programs for our Youth
  • Create closer collaborations with HNBA Regions and Affiliates
  • Work on a Capital Campaign for an HNBA Permanent Home
  • Expand programs for Women, LGBT members; Solo Practitioners, Military, Government and Public Interest Lawyers; and Persons with Disabilities
  • Coordinate Efforts with the Cuban American Bar Association; Los Abogados de Puerto Rico; Puerto Rican, Dominican, and Central and South American Bars
  • Actively Involve Lifetime Members and Past Presidents
  • Increase our presence in our Nation’s Capital,  Including Advocacy at the White House and on the Hill

Some of My Endorsements To Date, Include (partial list)

Hispanic Bar Association of DC

San Francisco La Raza Lawyers Association

San Diego La Raza Lawyers Association

John Trasvina, Carlos Singh, Gelvina Stevenson, Lynda Wayner, Nelson Castillo, Karina Ayala-Bermejo, Baltazar Baca, Mark Gallegos, Richard Lorenzo, Jorge Mestre, Donald Urrabazo, Jesus Roman, Josue Fuente, Sezer Solak, Juanita Hernandez, Javier Vargas, Chris Arriola, Natasha Cabrajal, and many other members.

I ask you to please entrust me with your vote for VP of External Affairs.    I will work hard and honestly for you and our community.

Best Regards,

Victor M. Marquez, Esq.

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