The HNBA National Office calls upon its members to get involved to help pass the DREAM Act.  The Development, Relief and Education for Alien Minors (DREAM) Act provides a vital first step to passage of Comprehensive Immigration Reform. The DREAM Act could grant conditional permanent resident status, leading eventually to citizenship, to undocumented students who meet a series of stringent requirements. The legislation in currently introduced in the 112th Congress is S. 952 and HR 1842. We ask our members to join us in the decade-old campaign for the long overdue passage of DREAM. Have your friends and networks join this rolling campaign for DREAM as well. 


1) IN 1 MINUTE YOU CAN JOIN THE OVER 500 INDIVIDUALS WHO HAVE SIGNED OUR PETITION: Click here to add your voice to our national survey petition in support of immediate passage of the DREAM ACT.

2) IN 2 MINUTES YOU CAN: Send this message and action alert to all your contacts and networks.

3) IN 5 MINUTES YOU CAN: Submit the message below to your Senators and Representative by completing the following steps on Congress.org:
a. Register on Congress.org: http://www.congress.org/, at the top right-hand corner.
b. Confirm your registration
c.  Follow the prompts, click on “Write your lawmakers”, follow the instructions and attached the below sample language that you can use for your message:

Dear Legislator: As a constituent and a Hispanic legal professional, I ask that you vote in support of the DREAM Act and encourage your colleagues to expedite its passage in both the House and Senate. In the Senate, should a cloture vote be called on DREAM in order to end debate, we ask for every Senator to vote in favor of cloture. The DREAM Act is a step to provide equal treatment before the law to many undocumented students.  Without immediate action, thousands stand to be barred from advanced education. The Act will also strengthen our national security by enabling thousands of individuals to become eligible to join our country’s armed forces. Furthermore, passage of the DREAM Act will help expand the economic and social wealth these young people confer upon our nation. Our community of over 100,000 attorneys, judges, law students and legal professionals are, and will continue to, closely follow the trajectory of the DREAM Act. I hope to have not only your support, but your vote, in this endeavor.

Click here for more information on the DREAM Act.