U.S. Government National Labor Relations Board: Staff Attorney

U.S. Government National Labor Relations Board

Staff Attorney Opportunities at the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB)

The National Labor Relations Board has five Members and primarily acts as a quasi-judicial body in deciding unfair labor practice and union election cases arising under the National Labor Relations Act. Board Members are appointed by the President and are subject to Senate confirmation. A staff attorney who joins the staff of a Board Member functions in much the same way as a law clerk does for a judge.

Requirements: Juris Doctor and active bar membership are required. At least 2-3 years of experience in labor and employment law is preferred. Excellent research, writing, and communication skills are required.

Location: Washington, DC office

Compensation: Commensurate with experience between GS-11 and GS-14 range.

Application Process: Interested applicants should submit a cover letter, resume, 3- 5 page writing sample, and list of references to Denise Pleasants at denise.pleasants@nlrb.gov. In the subject line, please include the following: [Your Name] – NLRB Staff Attorney.

Estimated Start Date: Summer 2012 For more information, contact Andrew J. Krafts at andrew.krafts@nlrb.gov or (202)273-7933.

Job Responsibilities: Staff attorneys work as a part of a close knit team, preparing cases for decision by the Board. Attorneys are expected to master all aspects of handling the case, including familiarizing themselves with the record, assessing the merits of the parties’ arguments, and drafting memoranda for the Board setting forth the case. In each case, staff attorneys are expected to make a recommendation on the disposition of the case to the Board. The attorneys’ recommendations form the starting point for the Board’s discussion of the cases. Once the case is decided, staff attorneys play an important role in crafting the Board’s final decision, including preparing the first draft of the final decision and working closely with the Board Members and their chief legal advisors on revising the draft to adapt to the Board Members’ positions and/or dissents. Finally, staff attorneys may also engage in special research and writing projects related to regulatory matters and Board Members’ involvement in public outreach.

Given the nature of the work, attorneys must have exemplary research and writing skills, strong oral presentation skills, and the ability to analyze challenging legal and factual issues. Outstanding judgment and analytical skills are required. Staff attorneys must be prepared to make recommendations on novel and often contentious areas of the law and to assess the policy implications of their recommendations. Staff attorneys have frequent contact with Board Members, including regularly orally presenting cases to the Board Member on whose staff the attorney works and on occasion making presentations to the full Board. The Board is committed to expeditiously processing all of the cases that come before it, so attorneys must be prepared to work productively and efficiently.

Finally, staff attorneys must be committed to working in a collegial manner. The Board provides a work environment in which the free flow of ideas between staff members is a regular and necessary part of the decision-making process. The Board greatly values attorneys’ ability to engage in vigorous yet civil debate with colleagues.