Special eNoticias: Election 2012

Querido amigos,

Election Day has arrived and today we cast our ballot for President of this great country.  Please exercise your right to vote today and make a difference!  Your vote will not only help select our next President, but it may also impact your local Members of Congress, Legislators, Council persons, Judiciary and members of your Board of Education.  In addition, a number of states have important ballot questions, amendments, referendums and propositions.

In this election year, it is critical that we ensure the ability of all of our members to exercise their right to vote. Please visit www.866ourvote.org (Espanol:  http://veyvota.yaeshora.info/ o llame 888-839-8682). for the latest information on voter protection and information on your state. The HNBA is firmly committed to voter protection and we recently held an Election Protection webinar for our members.  Help out by being a poll worker or election protection volunteer.  Please make sure your community goes out to vote.  Finally, be sure to cast your vote.

Let your voice be heard!

Best Regards,




Peter M. Reyes, Jr.
HNBA National President