Serve as a Poll Worker this November

HNBA Encourages You to Serve as a Poll Worker this November!


You can make a huge difference! For most voters, poll workers are the main points of contact for voting.  Poll workers are responsible for helping voters cast their ballots, understanding and implementing proper voting procedures, and stand out as leaders in their community.

Latino poll workers—or non-Latinos who regularly interact with Latino voters—are seriously underrepresented.  In addition to often bringing bilingual language skills to the job, HNBA members can make a huge difference for voter protection and ensuring that Latinos are represented on Election Day!

It only takes a few steps:

  1.  Sign-up:
  2. Contact your local Voter Registrar’s office to find out what is required (this varies from place to place); and
  3. Submit your application to the county and attend training (if required) by the deadline.



*** If you need help with any of this, please contact Juan Carlos Ibarra, Co-Chair, Voting Rights Section, Hispanic National Bar Association, at