Sean A. Andrade for HNBA Vice President of Programs

I am proud to be a candidate for the office of Vice President of Programs for 2010-2011.

Statement of Interest

I am most interested in running for Vice President of Programs to continue to support, develop, and implement current and new HNBA for the benefit of the national membership. As Vice President of Programs, I hope to continue my work on enhancing the HNBA’s national image and brand, including pushing the rollout of the HNBA’s Law Day and Mock Trial, which is crucial to the organization’s mission and national goals.

Personal Background

I am an attorney in Los Angeles, California, and I practice in the areas of business and employment litigation. I have a beautiful and extremely supportive wife, Monica, and three wonderful daughters named Daniela Luz, Lucia Paz, and Sara Ariel. I grew up in Santa Maria, a small rural community on the Central Coast of California. After graduating from the University of California, Irvine with a B .A. in Philosophy, I took three years off to work for the Mexican American Legal Defense and Educational Fund (MALDEF). At MALDEF, I began as Paralegal and later became a Policy Analyst, handling state legislation in Sacramento.

From MALDEF, I went on to law school at the University of Pennsylvania. After graduation, I worked with Baker & Hostetler LLP in Los Angeles. Last year, I left Baker to join a number of former big firm lawyers at Baute & Tidus, a well- established trial litigation boutique.

HNBA Past Positions

In considering my candidacy, please look at my overall commitment and dedication to the HNBA and to the issues for which we all stand.

National Vice President of Programs (2009-2010)

For the past year, I have supported the HNBA current programs, including the 2010 Mid-Year, the 2010 and future national conventions. I also led the roll out of the HNBA’s first ever Community Mock Trial Program. The goal is to provide an opportunity for young Latino high school and junior high school students to get a glimpse of the practice of law, while meeting successful legal practitioners who look like them and have similar backgrounds.

National Secretary (2007-2009)

For the past two terms, I have served as National Secretary, developing and implementing an infrastructure to track corporate records, such as a more user‑

friendly form to track the Executive Committee’s electronic votes and attendance at Board of Governors meetings.

2008 National Convention Chair

No doubt my biggest undertaking for the HNBA was serving as the Chair of the 2008 National Convention, HNBA Goes To Hollywood. As Chair, I led a strong Convention Committee that spent countless hours planning, fundraising, and organizing all involved to ensure that the 2008 Convention would be the HNBA’s the most successful convention ever.

Regional President/Deputy Regional President for Southern California (2003-2007)

I served tirelessly as Deputy Regional President and Regional President for the Southern California Region since 2003. As Regional President (and Deputy Regional President), I represented the local area on the National Board of Governors and beyond. I took the lead in meeting with senior DOJ officials on a voting rights issue, represented the HNBA in discourse with LA Police Chief William Bratton regarding the May Day events, and testified in the California legislature on important legislation.

I also created various programming that increased the HNBA’s exposure within the Region. Examples include:

  • Resume Writing & Interviewing Skills Workshop for law students
    • Quarterly Networking Receptions with key speakers from the community and other groups, such as National Society of Hispanic MBAs (NSHMBA)
    • HNBA Day with Habitat for Humanity

HNBA Board Experience

As a member of the board of governors, I have been an active participant in board of governor meetings and programs throughout the country. The following are some of my activities:

  • Member, 2006 Mid-Year Planning Committee (Seattle)
  • Member, 2007 Convention Planning Committee (San Francisco)
  • Chair, 2007-2008 Board Committee on Governance
  • Member, HNBA Task Force on the Ninth Circuit Split

I led the following projects to enhance the organization’s national image and brand:

  • Noticias – Revitalized Noticias, which is undeniably one of the association’s biggest treasures. This year, I created for the first time ever, a geographically diverse Editorial Board, designed to help identify, gather,

and prepare articles for future editions of Noticias. When fully developed, this Board get Noticias to print faster and help avoid many of the common difficulties.

  • Logo Committee - This year, I chaired the HNBA’s Logo Committee,
    which has been working on a new look for the HNBA. Stay tuned!
  • Media Kit - I led an effort to create the HNBA’s first-ever National Media Kit, which is a beautifully-designed, graphic piece that pulls together the HNBA’s history, programs, events, mission statement, and accomplishments for multiple uses.

Candidate Affirmation

I was admitted the California Bar in 2002, and remain in good standing without ever being disciplined. I am an HNBA member in good standing.

I appreciate your support. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or suggestions for next year!!!

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