Puerto Rican Bar Association Elects 2012-2013 Officers and Directors

Apr. 27, 2012 | New York, NY – On Thursday at the New York City Civil Court at 111 Centre Street, Puerto Rican Bar Association membership elected the PRBA’s Officers and Directors for the 2012-2013 term. Together with the current Board Members — Roberto Ramirez, Catherine Torres, Neysa Alsina, Nilda Rivera and Ricardo Aguirre — the PRBA will continue this past Board’s devotion to the PRBA and its mission through their hard work and commitment to its members.

As highlighted by new President-Elect, Javier Vargas, the PRBA will follow in the steps of those who came before by acknowledging the challenges ahead and accepting responsibility to reach out to more Latino colleagues throughout the state with a clear agenda for growth. The organization will work closer with sister organizations like the DBA, the HNBA and others, will continue to work to obtain a permanent home for the PRBA and its members and its scholarship endowment. In addition, there will be new efforts to reach out to youth by making a stronger commitment to current and future law students.

2012-2013 Election Results

President Elect
Javier Vargas, Esq.

Vice President
Elba Galvan, Esq.

Tara Zurheide, Esq.

Recording Secretary
Carlos Perez-Hall, Esq.

Corresponding Secretary
Kim Ramos, Esq.

Board of Directors
Rosevelie Márquez Morales, Esq. (3 Year Term)
Carmen Torrent, Esq. (3 Year Term)
Frank Torres, Esq. (3 Year Term)