HNBA Journal Of Law And Policy

What is the HJLP? 

The Hispanic National Bar Association Journal of Law and Policy is an annual publication published by the Hispanic National Bar Association. The purpose of the HJLP is to provide a forum for the examination, investigation, and review of legal issues and law-related policy pertaining to the Hispanic legal profession and that impacts the U.S. Hispanic Community. Special Editions of the HJLP shall periodically be published to provide information on a narrow specific issue involving a matter of importance.

How Do I Submit An Article For Publication?

Unsolicited articles may be submitted for consideration at the above addresses of the Co-Editors, or to the HNBA National Office. All unsolicited articles must be submitted addressed to HNBA Journal of Law and Policy: C/o Co-Editors. Unsolicited articles must be submitted via a single hard-copy, and in electronic form content in a DVD or CD-ROM. All unsolicited articles will not be returned unless a self-stamped, postage pre-paid envelope is provided along with a specific request that the article be returned after consideration for publications. The HNBA or the editors of the HJLP shall not be liable or responsible for lost or misplaced unsolicited articles. All unsolicited articles must be submitted by December 31, 2008 in order to be considered. Any materials received after that date will not be considered for publication.

How Are Articles Considered For Publication?

The Co-editors conduct a survey of the Editorial Advisory Board to determine (1.) issues/topics that are timely, of interest, and important; (2) potential authors are identified and are invited to submit an article; (3) articles are received and reviewed by the Co-editors who interact with the authors towards preparation of the articles for publication. All articles accepted for publication become property of the HJLP. All authors are required to sign a release form.

How Do I Obtain Copies of the HJLP?

Single or multiple copies of the HJLP may be obtained from the HNBA National Office at the cost advertised inside the respective HJLP edition. Prices are subject to change without notice. The HJLP may not be copied in whole or in part without the express written authorization of the HNBA or the HJLP Co-editors.

NOTE: All views and opinions expressed in the HJLP do not necessarily reflect the views, opinions, positions or policies of the HNBA, or of the HJLP Co-editors.