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Nov. 26, 2008HNBA Appointments Project Identifies Personnel for President-Elect Obama’s New Administration
Nov. 14, 2008Letter to The Honorable Barack Obama
Sep. 22, 2008Hispanic National Bar Association Voices Opposition to California Ballot Proposition 8
Sep. 16, 2008HNBA Proudly Welcomes 2008 – 2009 Leadership
Jul., 2008HNBA Goes to Hollywood – September 3-6, 2008
May 12, 2008HNBA New International Business Law Section is Established
Dec. 17, 2007Letter to President Bush Regarding the DREAM Act
Oct. 25, 2007HNBA Disappointed at Senate’s Failure to Pass the DREAM Act
Oct. 19, 2007HNBA Endorses Judge Carmen Beauchamp Ciparick for a 2nd term as Associate Judge of NY State Court of Appeals
Jul. 27, 2007HNBA Launches New Program to Build Understanding of U.S. Law and Government with Hispanic Youth
Jul. 25, 2007HNBA Comments on Proposed ABA Section of Legal Education & Admissions to the Bar Proposed Rules
Jun. 8, 2007Hispanic National Bar Association Dismayed at the Sidetracking of Comprehensive Immigration Reform Legislation
May 31, 2007Endorsement of Marisa J. Demeo for Appointment as Magistrate Judge for the Superior Court of the District of Columbia to the Honorable Rufus G. King, III
May 31, 2007Endorsement of Marisa J. Demeo for Appointment as Magistrate Judge for the Superior Court of the District of Columbia to the Honorable Linda B. Turner
May 23, 2007HNBA Leter to Chief William Bratton Regarding May 1st Mistreatment of the Participants Attending the Peaceful Rally at MacArthur Park
May 23, 2007HNBA Leter to Honorable Antonio Villaraigosa Regarding May 1st Mistreatment of the Participants Attending the Peaceful Rally at MacArthur Park
May 18, 2007HNBA Reconoce El Movimiento Positivo Hacia Una Reforma Migratoria Completa
May 13, 2007Hispanic National Bar Association Holds First Legislative Day
Apr. 13, 2007HNBA Moves to Oppose PBS World War II Documentary
Mar. 23, 2007HNBA Supports STRIVE Act:  Immigration Legislation That Strikes the Right Balance
Jan. 31, 2007HNBA Supports HR544, a Bill to Re-Name US District Courthouse in Santa Fe, New Mexico, after Honorable Judge Santiago E. Campos
Jan. 19, 2007Report of NY Hispanic Bar Task Force on Judicial Selection
Mar. 27, 2006Border Vigilantes Represent America at Its Worst, Says Hispanic National Bar Association
Mar., 2006Letter to US Representative Xavier Becerra Opposing Provisions in Telecommunications Legislation That Would Dilute Present Anti-Discrimination Rules
Feb. 15, 2006HNBA Urges Senate Leaders to Protect Anti-Discrimination Provisions in Telecommunications Laws
Feb. 6, 2006HNBA Supports Nomination of Magistrate Judge Aida M. Delgado-Colon to U.S. District Court for the District of Puerto Rico
Feb. 6, 2006The Puerto Rican Bar Association Joins the Hispanic National Bar Association
Jan. 30, 2006Letter to U.S. Senators Ted Stevens and Daniel K. Inouye Opposing Legislation That Would Weaken Long-Standing Anti-Discrimination Rules
Jan. 17, 2006Francisco “Frank” Angones, Jr. Elected President-Elect of the Florida Bar Association
Jan. 4, 2006HNBA Calls for Law Schools to Demonstrate Diversity Results
Dec. 15, 2005Letter to Member of the U.S. House of Representatives Opposing H.R. 4437, The Border Protection, Anti-terrorism, and Illegal Immigrant Control Act of 2005
Nov. 3, 2005Justice Paul J. De Muniz Elected Chief Justice of Oregon Supreme Court
Oct. 31, 2005The HNBA Responds to President’s Refusal to Name Hispanic Supreme Court Justice
Oct. 28, 2005HNBA Renews Its Call for Nomination of a Hispanic to the U.S. Supreme Court
Sep. 5, 2005HNBA Urges Appointment of Hispanic Supreme Court Justice
Sep. 4, 2005The Hispanic National Bar Association Expresses Its Sorrow upon the Announcement of the Death of Chief Justice William H. Rehnquist
Sep. 3, 2005The HNBA Renews Its Request to Meet with U.S. Supreme Court Nominee Judge John G. Roberts and Seeks Answers to a Number of Questions and Concerns
Jul. 20, 2005The HNBA Responds to Roberts Nomination
Jul. 19, 2005HNBA/HNBF Future Leaders Law Camp
Jul. 19, 2005HNBA Submits Letter to the White House from Past Presidents Regarding Supreme Court Nomination
Jul. 13, 2005HNBA Will Host a Pen and Pad Conference on the Ongoing Process to Fill the Vacancy at the U.S. Supreme Court
Jun. 22, 2005HNBA Honors Wachovia and Bank of America for Their Leadership in Supporting Minority and Underserved Communities in Florida
May 20, 2005The HNBA Congratulates Community Leader for His Mayoral Victory in Los Angeles
Mar. 28, 2005US-Mexican Bar Association Legal Accord Reached
Dec. 1, 2004HNBA Offers Cooperative Solution to Mend the Federal Government Employment Gap
Sep. 24, 2004The Hispanic National Bar Association applauds the U.S. House of Representatives for Vote to Continue Allowing Financial Institutions to Use Mexican ID Cards
May 11, 2004The Hispanic National Bar Association Strongly Urges Passage of the CAFTA-DR
Oct. 9, 2003HNBA Announces Grant of Free Membership to All Law Students, First Year Associates, and Legal Assistants
Aug. 11, 2003America’s Most Influential Hispanics Convene
Jul. 8, 2003The Hispanic National Bar Association Adopts Resolutions on Temporary Protected Status of El Salvador, Driver Licesning Legislation and New York City Council’s “Access Without Fear” Bill
Feb. 7, 2003The Hispanic National Bar Association Opposes the New York State Board of Law Examiners’ Proposal to Raise the Passing Score on the New York State Bar Examination
Jan. 21, 2003Hispanic National Bar Association Supports University of Michigan in Pivotal Supreme Court Affirmative Action Case
Nov. 14, 2002Newly Appointed HNBA Board of Directors