Meeting with President Obama in Minnesota

On Friday, June 1st, President Obama visited the Honeywell facilities in Golden Valley, Minnesota to discuss his Congress To-Do List, which includes his Veteran’s Jobs Corps initiative (see  This program is designed to make it easier for those who serve in the military to use that training and experience in civilian jobs.  The goal is to allow 20,000 service members to serve in various roles such as cops and firefighters.

I had the privilege and opportunity to personally meet and talk to President Obama during his visit to Minnesota.  We discussed a number of items including voter protection, immigration reform, and the HNBA’s national initiative to assist returning veterans with pro bono legal services through the HNBA Veterans Legal Initiative Program.  See  for further information.  As the President stated, “we have a lot of work to do together”.  The HNBA looks forward to its continued work with the President.