Liz Lopez For HNBA Vice President of Membership

Dear Fellow HNBA Members,

I am running for HNBA Vice President of Membership and respectfully request your vote.  After my successful two-year tenure as Vice President of External Affairs (2008-2010), I am taking on this challenge because I am committed to driving a measurable and substantial expansion of the HNBA membership and to enhancing the value HNBA delivers to members.  Having served four years on the Board of Governors (two in my current national role and two as a Regional President), I know that our Association faces persistent challenges in the membership area and understand what they are.  I will take on those challenges with the creativity, focus, work ethic and leadership that have distinguished my service on the Board and my three years as co-chair of the HNBA’s Legislative Day and Capital Awards Dinner (2008, 2009 and 2010), a program that doubled in participation under my leadership.  An overview of my goals, HNBA endorsements, HNBA leadership, professional experience and personal background follows.

I.  Specific Goals

  • Substantially expand the HNBA’s individual and affiliate membership base through a proactive recruitment strategy in order to enhance both the HNBA’s credibility as the “national voice of the Hispanic legal community” and its ability to mobilize lawyers throughout the country to address policy  issues affecting Latinos.

  • Survey the membership to identify areas of interest and create a membership benefits program based on members’ input.
  • Build stronger partnerships with affiliate members by actively identifying and pursuing opportunities for joint programs, advocacy and fund raising.

  • Develop and implement a concerted membership communications strategy using all available resources, including social media.

  • Collaborate with the HNBA Executive Director and other officers to ensure that the HNBA is managing its membership database through the best available technology and best practices.

  • Continue to significantly assist the HNBA in fundraising and develop new relationships with corporate partners.

II.  A Demonstrable Record of Successful and Dedicated Service to the HNBA

During my four years on the HNBA Board of Governors, I have actively participated in all board meetings and led very successful programs, including serving as co-chair of the Legislative Day and Capital Awards Dinner for three years.  My effectiveness has earned me the enthusiastic endorsement of over 70 HNBA leaders, including 10 former HNBA National Presidents; 6 members of the HNBA Executive Committee; 14 of the 19 current Regional Presidents; 14 HNBA Deputy Regional Presidents; 8 HNBA Latina Commissioners and 2 HNBA Affiliates (see Endorsement List).

III.  Accomplishments as an HNBA Leader

A. Co-Chair Legislative Day & Capital Awards Dinner (2008, 2009 & 2010)

  • Secured meetings with 75 members of Congress from both parties.
  • Prepared advocacy papers on Comprehensive Immigration Reform, Census 2010 and Judicial Diversity.
  • Led all fundraising efforts and ensured that HNBA members who advocated did not have to pay any fees to attend the Awards Dinner or other events.

B. Supreme Court Confirmation Hearings (2009)

  • Met with Senate Judiciary Committee Members and staff to advocate for the prompt confirmation of the Hon. Sonia Sotomayor.
  • Served as HNBA spokesperson at press conference with Members of the U.S. Senate.
  • Executed successful bilingual communications plan.

C. Media Engagements (2009-2010)

  • Acted as a surrogate for HNBA National Presidents Ramona E. Romero and Román D. Hernández.
  • Granted over 30 interviews to CNN, Univision, USA Today and other broadcast and print media outlets to highlight HNBA and its policy priorities.

D. Partnerships (2009-2010)

  • Assisted HNBA launch of the Ya es Hora: Agase Contar 2010 Census campaign and a partnership with LatinaStyle to highlight HNBA programs.

E. National Launch of the HNBA Journal of Law & Policy (2008)

  • Coordinated receptions held in Atlanta, Dallas, Los Angeles, Phoenix, San Francisco and Washington, DC.

IV.  Professional Background

I have worked in both the public and private sectors.  As an Assistant District Attorney with the Middlesex District Attorney’s Office (Cambridge, MA), I was the only Latina in a 70-attorney team.  I learned about the many problems plaguing our community, and also helped victims of domestic violence and worked with community organizations.  As an attorney with Davis Wright Tremaine LLP, I worked with Fortune 500 companies on diversity initiatives, employment matters and policy/legislative issues.

V.  Personal Background

I was born and raised in Lima-Peru.  I attended the University of Chicago (1997) and Boston College Law School (2000).

VI.  Bar Admissions

I am and have been in good standing and duly licensed to practice law in Massachusetts (2001), Washington, DC (2003) and New York (2007).

VII.  Conclusion

I ask for your trust, support and vote because I am committed to serving the HNBA and strengthening its membership.  I welcome the opportunity to discuss my candidacy with you.  I can be reached at


Liz Lopez

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