HNBA Young Lawyers Division


The HNBA Young Lawyers Division is actively pursuing its structural goals in the new year.  In the past year, The HNBA-YLD Council approached young lawyers across the United States (and Canada) in the HNBA’s 19 Regions and amongst its 43 Affiliate Organizations to join our leadership ranks as members of our Council.  Officially, based on our bylaws, the HNBA-YLD Council is comprised of a regional representative from each region along with our Executive Council.  The HNBA-YLD Council is the governing body along with the Executive Council of the HNBA-YLD.  As our inaugural year, it will take much effort on several fronts to establish a fully functioning Council.

Our first step is to establish one regional representative for each HNBA region.  This person will represent his or her region as the liaison to the HNBA-YLD.  There are not set duties at this point other than to volunteer for further activities as necessary, provide input and feedback, and exchange information between your region and the HNBA-YLD.

In the coming months we intend to establish several committees in the following areas: (1) HNBA-YLD Website; (2) HNBA-YLD Membership Communications (list serve and newsletters) (3) YLD participation and planning at each of the upcoming major HNBA events (e.g., Midyear Corporate Counsel Conference, Advocacy Summit and Law Day, Annual Convention in Seattle, and others); (4) YLD Bylaws Review.

If you are interested in serving as your Regional Representative and/or in a committee listed above, or would like to be on the HNBA-YLD mailing list, please email Sulema Medrano, HNBA-YLD President,  Your response should include your name, business address, email address, telephone number, employer, and practice area.

The development of the HNBA-YLD is a work in progress.  We are seeking your input and help to move us forward in the new year.  The committees and any duties are subject to change.  We look forward to working with you.

To view and contact YLD Leadership, click here.