HNBA Veterans Legal Initiative Program

The HNBA is the voice of the Hispanic legal community and as such, we must be advocates for those in need.  During the “Year of the Advocate,” the HNBA will provide leadership, education, advocacy, and guidance to three key groups of our population: the legal profession, the community, and the children.  As such, it is imperative that we have a clearly delineated plan to best serve our members by creating, modifying and promoting initiatives to enable our organization to achieve the highest impact.

In the spirit of the “Year of the Advocate”, National President Benny Agosto, Jr. has designated legal assistance to Latino Veterans as a focal point of his administration. This year marks the foundation of the Hispanic National Bar Association’s Veterans Legal Initiative Program.

With the help of volunteer attorneys, this initiative will serve the veteran population in all of the HNBA’s 19 regions. In addition, the HNBA will offer training to its members to allow them to reach out to their respective communities and provide legal services. Each region will provide facilities and volunteers for the legal clinics in their areas. Volunteer attorneys will serve as advisors and counselors to any veteran or spouse of a deceased veteran in various areas of the law including family, wills and probate, consumer, real estate and tax law, as well as disability and veterans’ benefits. No appointment will be necessary for a veteran to attend one of the clinics. Veterans who need ongoing legal representation and who qualify for legal aid will be referred to a pro bono attorney to handle their case.

For more information on the HNBA Veterans Legal Initiative, please contact the office of Benny Agosto, Jr. at Abraham, Watkins, Nichols, Sorrels, Agosto & Friend, 800 Commerce Street, Houston, Texas 77002, at or (713) 222-7211, or at the HNBA National Office, 1900 L Street NW, Suite 700, Washington, DC 200036, at (202) 223-4777.

Volunteer for the HNBA Veterans Legal Initiative Program
Link downloads the Attorney Volunteer Form. Please fill out and return to the HNBA National Office. 


How to open a Veterans Legal Clinic:                                                                                                                       

Legal Clinic in a Box: These simple office supplies and materials are all you need to open a legal clinic to help our veterans in your own area.

Sample Clinic Flyer: view | download

Printed Materials:
View each document or download in Word format. You are encouraged to customize each form for your area and your Legal Services Organization or Bar Association.

  1. Application for Services (English): view | download
  2. Application for Services (Spanish)view | download
  3. Questionnaire: Bankruptcyview | download
  4. Questionnaire: Consumer Lawview | download
  5. Questionnaire: Custody and Child Supportview | download
  6. Questionnaire: Divorceview | download
  7. Questionnaire: Guardianshipview | download
  8. Questionnaire: Landlord/Tenantview | download
  9. Questionnaire: Probateview | download
  10. Questionnaire: Estate Planningview | download
  11. Volunteer Sign-In Sheetview | download
  12. Applicant Sign-In Sheetview | download