HNBA President Benny Agosto, Jr. Visits D.C.

Washington, D.C. – On January 18th, Hispanic National Bar Association (HNBA) President Benny Agosto, Jr. began another successful visit to Washington, D.C.  During this visit Mr. Agosto met at length with HNBA staff to continue to develop important HNBA initiatives such as the Veterans Initiative, the HNBA 40th Anniversary, and Legislative Day and the Advocacy Summit.  President Agosto and Zuraya Tapia, HNBA Executive Director, also met with The Raben Group, who will now assist HNBA on various communications and advocacy efforts; the American Jewish Committee to launch efforts to develop joint programming; Senator Bob Casey’s office in order to discuss the state of judicial vacancies in Pennsylvania; and with our Regional President, Juan Sempertegui, and HBA-DC leadership. Additionally, President Agosto participated in meetings with White House staff to discuss the State of the Union address and issues of importance to our community, he attended the HBA-DC’s annual meeting, and he attended a Tribute to Mayors hosted by Mickey Ibarra and the Latino Leaders Network, which honored the Mayor of Houston, TX.

HBA-DC 2012 Board of Governors and HNBA President Benny Agosto, Jr.

Baltazar Baca, HNBA Past President; William Rivera, HBA-DC Immediate Past President; Zuraya Tapia Hadley, HNBA Executive Director; the Honorable Jimmie V. Reyna; and Benny Agosto, Jr.