HNBA Praises California Supreme Court for Upholding Fee Waiver for All Students

Washington, D.C. – The Hispanic National Bar Association (HNBA) commends the California Supreme Court for upholding state law, which provides a waiver for out-of-state tuition fees at public California colleges and universities for students who have completed three years at a California high school and graduated with a high school diploma, regardless of immigration status.

“We believe the California Supreme Court correctly found that the exception in question is based on criteria rather than state residency,” said HNBA National President Diana S. Sen.

In general, nonresidents of California who attend the state’s colleges and universities must pay nonresident tuition.  However, California state law effectively exempts students, including undocumented students living in the state, if they complete three years at a California high school and graduate with a high school diploma. The HNBA signed on to an amicus brief at the California Supreme Court level. A copy of the decision and a listing of all counsel and amici and can be accessed here (please hyperlink to: