The HNBA Honors Fallen U.S. Troops and Veterans on Memorial Day


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The HNBA Honors Fallen U.S. Troops and Veterans on Memorial Day


May 27, 2013


On this Memorial Day weekend the Hispanic National Bar Association (HNBA) honors the women and men who have died while in service in the United States Military.  More than one million of our fellow countrymen have sacrificed themselves throughout our Nation’s history.  Memorial Day, a national federal holiday, is a day to remember those who made the ultimate sacrifice on behalf of their country.

“The HNBA remembers and pays tribute to all of the brave women and men in the military who died in service to our great country this Memorial Day,” said Peter M. Reyes, Jr., HNBA National President.  “There is no greater sacrifice that can be made, and we honor all of the women and men who gave their lives to protect the freedoms we have here in the United States.”  


About the Hispanic National Bar Association

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