HNBA Board of Governors 2012 Elections

Welcome to the 2012 Elections center for the 2012-2013 Board of Governors elections!


The 2012 HNBA Elections are open to all eligible members in good standing according to the By-laws. All members deemed eligible by the June 1 deadline are entitled to receive a ballot via email. To ensure that you receive your ballot, please log into your HNBA account at and confirm that your contact information is up-to-date. The HNBA is not responsible for any missing or incorrect information provided in member profiles. If you have any questions regarding your membership, please contact Sarah Ramirez at


2012 Elections Guidelines and Timetable                                                                                                                                        

Click here to read the 2012 HNBA Board of Governors Elections Guidelines.

Timetable for Elections:

  • April 25: Deadline for HNBA members to submit self-nominations in response to call for nominations;
  • April 25: Nominations Committee evaluates candidates for HNBA Office and nominates slate, and will follow up with tabled nominations;
  • April 30: Secretary announces candidates nominated by Nominations Committee and advises the membership of the process for nominations by petition;
  • May 31: Deadline for candidates to submit nomination petitions;
  • May 31, 11:59 p.m. EST: Deadline by which members must be in good standing in order to be able to vote in the election.  Members who have not paid their dues for the current calendar year must do so by this date to qualify to vote;
  • June 8 to 23: Ballots will be mailed to members and Affiliates by first class mail or electronically by no earlier than June 8 and no later than June 23;
  • July 31: Date by which ballots must be post-marked or, if e‑mailed, time‑stamped in order to be counted;
  • August 15: Latest possible date for tallying of ballots;
  • August 20: Latest possible date for submission of challenges and/or disputes to the Elections Board for resolution.

Slate Nominees Nominated by the Nominations Committee                                                                                                    

President-Elect:Region II (NY): 
Karina Ayala-Bermejo (Chicago, IL)
Candidate Statement
 Robert Maldonado (New York, NY)
Miguel Alexander Pozo (Roseland, NJ)
Candidate Statement

Region IV (DE, PA): Vacant
Vice President – Regions: 
Jennifer Trusso (Costa Mesa, CA)
Candidate Statement 
Region VI (NC, SC): Vacant
Vice President – Programs: Region VIII (FL): 
Roberto Colon (Philadelphia, PA)
Candidate Statement
John Arrastia, Jr. (Miami, FL) 
Maria Fernandez-Williams (Briarcliff Manor, NY)

Vice President – External Affairs: 
Celeste Villarreal (Austin, TX)
Candidate Statement
Region X (KT, OH, TN): Vacant 
Vice President – Sections and Committees: Region XII (AR, LA, OK, TX): Vacant 
Meshach Rhoades (Lakewood, CO) 
Region XIV (AZ, NV): 
Vice President – Membership:  Lizette Rubio (Phoenix, AZ)
Teresita Chavez Pedrosa (Hialeah, FL) 
Region XVI (AK, ID, MO, OR, WA): 
Secretary: Horacio Gutierrez (Redmond, WA)
Jorge C. Herrera (Ft. Lauderdale, FL)
Candidate Statement
Claudine Martinez (Albuquerque, NM)
Candidate Statement
Region XVIII (Southern CA): Vacant