HNBA Announces Collaborative Membership Effort with the ABA

January 11,  2010

Washington, D.C.–The Hispanic National Bar Association (HNBA) and the American Bar Association (ABA) collaborated in a historic event when the HNBA International Law Section made a substantive law presentation at the 2009 Fall Meeting of the ABA’s Section on International Law.  Building on the recent collaboration, the two national bar associations have joined forces again–this time in an attempt to facilitate cross-membership.

In continuation of our respective bar association’s combined effort to enhance diversity throughout the U.S. legal profession; the ABA is offering a complimentary trial membership to HNBA members who are not currently ABA members. The ABA can provide HNBA members with additional information regarding professional development, practice assistance, service opportunities, and resources needed to get through the economic downturn.