Hispanic National Bar Association Recognizes Hispanic Heritage Month

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September 14, 2012                                                   

Hispanic National Bar Association Recognizes Hispanic Heritage Month

Washington, DC – Tomorrow, the first day of Hispanic Heritage Month, the Hispanic National Bar Association (HNBA) recognizes the economic and cultural impact Hispanics have made on United States history. “I am honored to recognize Hispanic Heritage Month on behalf of all of the Hispanics in the legal profession,” said Peter M. Reyes, Jr., HNBA National President. “Hispanics have played and continue to play an important role in the legal profession and judiciary of our country.”

In September 1968, Congress authorized President Lyndon B. Johnson to proclaim National Hispanic Heritage Week, which was observed during the week that included Sept. 15 and Sept. 16. The observance was expanded in 1988 by Congress to a month long celebration (Sept. 15 – Oct. 15), effective the following year. The United States celebrates the culture and traditions of those who trace their roots to Spain, Mexico and the Spanish-speaking nations and territories of Central America, South America and the Caribbean.

About the Hispanic National Bar Association. The Hispanic National Bar Association (HNBA) is an incorporated, not-for-profit, national membership organization that represents the interests of the more than 100,000 Hispanic attorneys, judges, law professors, legal assistants, and law students in the United States and its Territories. For three decades the HNBA has acted as a force for positive change within the legal profession. It does so by encouraging Latino students to choose a career in the law and by promoting their advancement within the profession once they graduate and start practicing. Through a combination of issue advocacy, programmatic activities, networking events, and educational conferences, the HNBA has helped generations of lawyers succeed. Our organization is stronger today than at any point in its history and is as committed as ever to its mission. For more information, please visit http://www.hnba.com.