Hispanic Bar Association of DC Elects New Leaders at Annual Meeting

Jan. 19 | Washington, DC – The HBA-DC elected its new officers and members of the board of directors at the 2012 Annual Meeting at the St. Gregory Hotel in Washington, DC.  The Honorable Jimmie V. Reyna of the United States Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit offered remarks to members and guests in attendance.  HNBA President Benny Agosto, Jr. and HNBA Executive Director Zuraya Tapia-Hadley also attended.  Following outgoing President William Rivera’s report on HBA-DC’s accomplishments of 2011, the Meeting was adjourned to conduct elections.  The HBA-DC Officers and Board of Director members for 2012 are: President Lyzka P. DeLaCruz, President-Elect Jaime Areizaga-Soto, Vice President for External Affairs Holli J. Feichko, Vice President for Internal Affairs Leonor Velazquez Davila, Vice President for Membership Juan M. Sempertegui, Treasurer Erik J. Burgos, Secretary Marie Scott, and Board Members Christina Brito, Arturo Caraballo, Jilma M. Lasso, Kenia Seoane Lopez, Maria G. Mendoza, Fernando Rivero, and Marina A. Torres.