Sections & Committees

Pursuant to Article XII § 1 of the HNBA By-laws, the National President may appoint or designate (i) such committees, divisions or sections as he or she may, in his or her sole discretion, deem necessary to carry out the purposes of the Association or to assist the Board [of Governors] in the orderly management of the affairs of the Association, consistent with these By-laws . . . The by-laws specify a total of only five committees, divisions and boards. All other sections, committees and similar entities are established by the President, who also appoints their chairs and members with the advice of the Vice President of Committees. Art. XII § 2. To be eligible for appointment, individuals must be HNBA members in good standing. Id .

Sections, committees and similar entities may select their own officers except for the chairs. They may also adopt their own rules provided they are consistent with the HNBA bylaws. Id. §4. All HNBA committees and other similar entities are required to provide periodic reports to the Vice President-Committees, the President and the Board on all matters pertaining to . . . [their] activities and shall make an annual written report to the Board and file it with the President at least 30 days before the Annual Convention. Id.

For information about the HNBA’s specific Substantive Law Sections, Stand-Alone Committees, Board Committees, Endorsement Committees, and other entities, please use the drop down menus in this Sections and Committees tab or click the hyper-linked text.