La Promesa en El Derecho™

La Promesa en el Derecho™  (The Promise in the Law) is an HNBA community outreach and education initiative designed to instill confidence and trust in the U.S. legal system.  The HNBA has published a booklet that provides one page explanations of ten basic features of the American system of government: (1) The Constitution of the United States; (2) Separation of Powers; (3) The President of the United States; (4) The Congress of the United States; (5) The Supreme Court of the United States; (6) The Courts; (7) The Jury Process; (8) Basics Rights in a Criminal Proceeding; (9) The Freedom to Engage in Civic Activities; and (10) Voting.  The booklet is written in both English and Spanish at the 9th grade reading level.  While the program targets the Latino community because so many of its members are recent immigrants, it is a wonderful civics education tool for all Americans regardless of ethnic background or national origin.  In addition to being a community education tool, La Promesa is intended to foster interest in the law among Latino students, and thus is another HNBA effort to promote the growth of the Hispanic pipeline.  La Promesa is distributed through a variety of avenues, including Bar associations, community service organizations, HNBA events and the Mexican consulates in the United States.  Stage 2 of the La Promesa program will involve the creation of a DVD featuring Latino leaders explaining the concepts discussed in the booklet.

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