Claudine Martinez for HNBA Vice President of External Affairs

My Fellow HNBA Members,

I respectfully ask that you vote for me for HNBA Vice President of External Affairs, the Officer charged with the duty to “act as the HNBA’s liaison with non-affiliated groups and organizations, including creating initiatives and developing programs with these organizations to benefit the Membership” (HNBA Bylaws Article III Section 4 e).  I stand ready to work hard with other public interest groups and bar associations, government officials and our business community, to advance the HNBA’s mission and the interests of the HNBA membership and the larger Latino community.

I am running for this position with the encouragement and support of many HNBA leaders, including 5 members of the Executive Committee, whom I have collaborated with in the context of my past service to our Association (see Endorsements List).  I first became acquainted with the HNBA back in 1998, while I was a law student at UCLA, and competed in the HNBA’s National Moot Court Competition.  More recently, I played an integral role on the Steering Committee for the financially successful and well-attended 2009 HNBA Annual Convention held in my hometown, Albuquerque, NM.  Last summer, I traveled to Washington, DC multiple times and at my own expense in order to volunteer at HNBA’s National Office so as to assist during a staff transition period.  I have participated in the HNBA’s Legislative Day Programs in 2008, 2009, and 2010 and attended 7 HNBA Mid-Year Conferences and Conventions.  Currently, I serve on the HNBA Commission on the Status of Latinas in the Legal Profession.  I am a member in good-standing of the bars of New Mexico (1999), California (2000) and the District of Columbia (2002), and have never been disciplined in any jurisdiction.

I dare ask for your vote only because I offer:

I.       Professionalism, Commitment to Building Consensus and Interpersonal Skills Essential to Effectiveness as HNBA Vice President of External Affairs

I am the Vice President and General Counsel of MCT Industries, Inc. and 12 Affiliates, founded by my parents in 1973.  These companies range in focus from Departments of Defense and Energy manufacturing, to transportation, to real estate development.  I manage approximately 100 employees and my duties include Business Development and Government Relations. Through my work as VP and GC, I have developed leadership, management and collaboration skills that will ensure my effectiveness as Vice President of External Affairs.

As of June 17, my steadfast nationwide endorsements include: 6 members of the HNBA Executive Committee; 9 HNBA Latina Commissioners; 3 HNBA Affiliates; and  5 former HNBA National Presidents (see Endorsement List).

II.      A Clear HNBA National Vision:

I am committed to spending my time and resources to ensure that the HNBA’s voice is heard on issues of importance to HNBA members, our community and Hispanic lawyers including:

  • Comprehensive Immigration Reform (CIR): I will advocate actively on behalf of the HNBA to promote the passage of successful CIR that includes the features identified as priorities by the Board of Governors, including a fair and reasonable path to Citizenship for undocumented workers and passage of the DREAM Act.  HNBA advocacy should continue to focus on empirical data such as the Congressional Budget Office report that shows a Pathway to Citizenship in CIR would add $44B annually to the economy.
  • Development of Legislative Agenda: I will provide leadership and collaborate with the Board of Governors to develop and maintain an HNBA legislative agenda that identifies legislative items that affect our community and Latino lawyers, and that addresses those items through options, solutions and teamwork with other Latino organizations.
  • Education: I will enhance the HNBA’s efforts to improving Latino access to law related educational opportunities and will dedicate time to outreach to high schools, colleges, law schools and other educational institutions and organizations.
  • Communication: I will establish and maintain communication structures with our non-affiliate partners.  For example, we must continue our imperative work with the National Hispanic Leadership Agenda to ensure the HNBA message is heard nationally and acted upon.

III.     Flexibility, Availability And Resources: As I must travel nationally often on business, I can commit to frequent travel nationwide and to Washington, DC to address HNBA business with our partners, the National Office, the Administration, Congress, the media, and the business community.

To conclude, I ask for your vote because I am committed to doing an extraordinarily effective job representing the HNBA and believe that I possess the consensus-building and leadership skills, business acumen, breadth of legal experience, and government relations skills to effectively fulfill the duties of the HNBA Vice Presidency of External Affairs.  I would welcome the opportunity to discuss my candidacy with you, and can be reached at


Claudine Martinez

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