Chief Counsel


Responsible to:  Executive Director

Supervises:   Chief Attorneys and Director of Advocacy

Essential Function:

The Chief Counsel directs the substantive work of Legal Aid and is responsible for ensuring that Legal Aid provides high quality legal services to our clients and meets client needs through an innovative, aggressive, client-centered and thoughtful advocacy program.

Primary Duties and Responsibilities:

1. With the Executive Director and Chief Operating Officer, provides overall management oversight of the functions of Legal Aid and the allocation of resources to achieve the organization’s objectives.

2. Oversees the service delivery of Legal Aid’s offices to ensure high quality  legal representation of clients.

3. Evaluates and guides the legal practices of Legal Aid’s offices.

4. Develops effective systems to deliver services and ensure their utilization  as well as adherence to established standards of practice.

5. With advocacy staff, establishes and maintains Legal Aid’s advocacy policies, procedures and priorities.

6. Supervises and evaluates Chief Attorneys and the Director of Advocacy.

7. Consults with the Director of Advocacy and other staff, on an as-needed basis, on non-routine advocacy efforts, including complex appeals and policy advocacy.  Approves decisions to undertake major litigation.

8. With the Executive Director and the Chief Operating Officer, leads key efforts of Legal Aid’s periodic, strategic and other long-term planning efforts, including, but not limited to, needs assessments studies.

9. Works with the Chief Operating Officer, Director of Program Development & Compliance, and Director of Resource Development to identify potential funding sources, develop proposals, and prepare periodic reports on services rendered, based upon Legal Aid’s priorities and careful analysis of its resources and client needs.

10. With Legal Aid staff, coordinates interaction and partnerships with other legal services providers, community organizations and/or other collaborators.  Helps to foster and maintain relationships and collaborations with the Bench, the Bar, community organizations, governmental entities, and schools of law.

Qualification Criteria:

To qualify as Chief Counsel, a person must have a B.A. or B.S. degree, a LL.B. or J.D. degree, plus ten years experience as an attorney, five of which should have been in Legal Services.  Prior management experience, particularly in legal services, desirable, related work may qualify.  Admission to Maryland Bar or eligible and willing to take first available bar examination.

Principal Working Relationships:

Executive Director, Board of Directors, Chief Operating Officer, Chief Attorneys, Director of Advocacy, the Bench, the Bar, community organizations and government agencies.

Please send materials to:

Phillip C. Stillman
Chief of Human Resources
Legal Aid Bureau, Inc.
500 E. Lexington Street
Baltimore, Maryland 21202
410-951-7715 (office)
410-951-7797 (fax)