HNBA Latina Commission Leadership Program: Dale Carnegie Training

CLE Track C/Panel 6: Eliminating Unconscious Bias in the Workplace

The Harvard IAT test and its resources page:

Implicit/Unconcious bias & Courts:

Teaching Tolerance Project – Southern Poverty Law Center:

Equal Justice Society Publications-Eva Paterson’s Organization:

ABA Commission on Women-Visible Invisibility  (two studies on women/women of color in law departments and law firms):

ABA Section of Litigation Toolbox:

HNBA’s Commission on the Status of Latinas in the Profession (two reports Latinas in private practice and Latinas in public interest):


CLE Track B/Panel 5: Protecting Your Brand – Strategies for Handling Counterfeiting and Trademark Infringement

ILQ Article Winter 2012

CLE Track A/Panel 4: Corporate Tax – What You Need to Know

Corporate Tax Panel PPT 

Corporate Tax Panel PPT (PDF)

Chief Executive Group – Corporate Tax Article



CLE Track C/Panel 3: Ethical Conflicts – What to Do When the Decision is Not an Easy One

Top Ethical Pitfalls Faced by In-House Counsel PPT

Top Ethical Pitfalls Faced by In-House Counsel PPT (PDF)

CLE Track B/Panel 2: Litigation, Arbitration, Mediation – Is one Option Better than the Others

Important Aspects to Consider When Negotiating and Drafting an International Arbitration Clause

CLE Track A/Panel 1: Cybersecurity – How to Mitigate Risks and Respond to Security Breaches and Theft

Cybersecurity PPT

Cybersecurity PPT (PDF)

Europe Proposes New Laws-MFP

Global Privacy and Data Security


HNBA/Rollins Mini Executive MBA Program – Day 2

Opening Plenary Session: Women and Business Development

HNBA/Rollins Mini Executive MBA Program – Day 1