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Region V Information

HNBA’s Region V comprises the States of Maryland and West Virginia, the Commonwealth of Virginia, and the District of Columbia.  Region V is fortunate to have three active and major affiliates, with whom the HNBA has worked on increasing collaboration: the Hispanic Bar Association of VA (HBA-VA), the Maryland Hispanic Bar Association (MHBA), and the Hispanic Bar Association of the District of Columbia (HBA-DC).  For the first time, HNBA sponsored holiday gatherings in DC, MD and VA.  HNBA also continued to co-sponsor various professional development events with HBA-DC.  In addition, HNBA created a Region V Bulletin informing members about the various region activities being held by HNBA and our affiliates.

In 2012, Region V has planned CLEs to be held in conjunction with affiliates and will be working with the HNBA Latina Commission in organizing an event for Latinas.  Additionally, in accordance with President Benny Agosto’s directive,  Region V will be awarding scholarships to six students from law schools in the area.  We will also continue our active role in the endorsement process for judicial vacancies.

HNBA Region V will have a busy year and would love your assistance and support.  If you are interested in getting involved or if you have any questions, please contact Regional President Juan M. Sempertegui at

Region IV Information

HNBA’s Region IV is composed of the State of Delaware and the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.  Together with two very active HNBA affiliates, the Hispanic Bar Association of Pennsylvania and the Delaware Hispanic Bar Association, the regional leadership are advancing programs and initiatives that further the interest of the Hispanic legal community in this part of the country.  In 2011, Region IV was involved in organizing events in conjunction with the Pennsylvania Bar Association’s Minority Attorney Conference and Diversity Summit.  The HNBA brought together practitioners, judges and law students to network and to learn more about the benefits the organization offers to its members and to encourage them to join the HNBA.  Last fall, in Philadelphia, the HNBA participated in and supported the HBA-PA’s speed mentoring program and its Legal Education Fund reception.

2011 has been a very busy year for Region IV in the area of judicial endorsements.  In addition to Judge Felipe Restrepo, who was endorsed by the HNBA Board of Governors in 2010, Deputy Regional Presidents Tom Warnock and Lorena Ahumada have performed reviews of candidates for the federal bench as part of the HNBA endorsements program, and lead mobilizing efforts on important issues in the region.

HNBA Region IV is planning a number of events for 2012, including a corporate counsel connection event, membership drives, free CLE and law student conferences.  If you have any questions about Region IV, do not hesitate to contact Regional President Ed Lanza at

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