Benny Agosto, Jr. for HNBA President-Elect

I am pleased to announce my candidacy for the position of 2010-2011 President-Elect of the Hispanic National Bar Association (HNBA).  I am honored to be permitted the opportunity to serve the HNBA with dignity and hard work toward furthering the interests and advancement of Hispanic attorneys, as I believe that continuing to promote and support Hispanic attorneys is of great importance and extends beyond the Hispanic community.

I am interested in taking the HNBA to a higher level of distinction and visibility and I am committed to further advancing the current programs and goals of the HNBA, as well as help us reach above and beyond those goals.

My HNBA Vision

It is important that the “National Voice of the Hispanic Legal Community” continue to be heard and that we, as a community, use all of our skills to maintain and strengthen effective communication with our membership, as well with our affiliate bar associations.

The recent emergence of the HNBA as a strong and vocal advocate is exceptional and must be maintained.  Our efforts should be increased, as there is an elemental and basic need for more Latinos to serve as judges on state and federal courts.

The HNBA needs to build upon its existing programs and institute new national initiatives, as such programs allow us to define our role, increase our prominence, develop future leaders, and serve the Latino community.  We must continue to move our scholarly works and learned opinions to the forefront of public debate.

My considerable experience with foundations and fundraising will be of great benefit in continuing to build the HNBA’s financial security.

HNBA Leadership and Involvement

My experience with the HNBA is extensive and well rooted.  In addition to serving four years on the HNBA Board of Governors, I have held the following positions:

HNBA Legal Education Fund, Board of Directors and Secretary

Co-Founder and Co-Editor-In-Chief of the HNBA Journal of Law & Policy

HNBA Regional President (Region XII), 2006-2008

HNBA Judicial Endorsement Committee, 2009 and 2011

HNBA 2007 Convention Planning Committee

Founder and current President of the MABATx Foundation (Benefitting Latino Law Students)

MABATx President, 2005-2006

My Commitment to the HNBA

This year, I have continued my work with the MABATX locally (as Chair of the 2010 MABATx Law Student & Leadership Conference held in Houston in April), but I have also stepped it up a notch at the national level with my work on the HNBA Board of Governors, including but not limited to work on the HNBA’s Legal Education Fund Task Force, writing articles for different publications including HNBA Noticias, as a member of the HNBA Endorsements Committee, assisting in planning and developing the first HNBA LEF Fellows program, and signed on as an original incorporator of the new HNBA 501 (c)(3) foundation (LEF), in April 2010.  Most recently, I joined Sen. John Cornyn at a press conference calling on The White House to fill the U.S. Attorney for the Northern District of Texas vacancy with a Latino/Latina – continuing the HNBA’s efforts for diversity in the federal court system.  In addition, I have assisted a number of HNBA affiliates with the time, money, and effort in order to make the HNBA the true voice of the Latino/Latina attorney in the United States.  I am truly grateful to be the first Texas attorney to become President of the HNBA.

If you have any questions or general concerns; please contact me at at your earliest convenience.  I thank you in advance for you support.  Hasta pronto.

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