Assistant Corporation Counsel Superviser – Legal Counsel Division – City of Chicago – Department of Law

Assistant Corporation Counsel Supervisor/Senior – Legal Counsel Division

Number of Vacancies: 1
The City of Chicago Law Department is seeking an attorney for the position of Assistant Corporation Counsel Supervisor/Senior in the Legal Counsel Division. This unique position, analogous to Director of State Legislation, provides an opportunity for interesting, varied, challenging work at the cutting edge of state law issues.

The position entails the following duties:
At the State level – Drafting State legislation for the Mayor’s Office on behalf of all City departments and providing legal counsel in connection therewith.
Reviewing State legislation for the Mayor’s Office on behalf of the Law Department, and conferring, when appropriate for this purpose, with other divisions of the Law Department. This review frequently involves suggesting and drafting amendments to introduced legislation. Providing counsel to other City departments and members of the Law Department on general matters of State law and State legislation, particularly the Illinois Constitution and home rule issues. Providing the Mayor’s Office with the Law Department’s State legislative agenda and other legislative proposals.
At the City level – Under the Supervision of the Division Head, providing legal counsel to and drafting legislation for all City departments, and providing similar services to members of the City Council. Providing oral testimony in committee hearings as needed.

Minimum Qualifications: Graduation from an American Bar Association (ABA) accredited law school, preferably on or before June 2006, admission to the Illinois Bar (or eligible for admission on motion to the Illinois Bar pursuant to Illinois Supreme Court 705), and status as a licensed attorney.

Criteria: Superior writing, research, analytical, editing and client counseling skills; the ability to work well with others; the ability to handle a significant volume of document review, analysis and redrafting requiring very tight turnaround times (often overnight); the ability to exhibit leadership, decision-making and initiative on assigned tasks; and the ability to manage and meet deadlines.
Law school grade point average of 3.0 or equivalent preferred. Experience with legislative drafting and analysis at the State level preferred.

The following information must be submitted in hard copy to: Jeffrey Levine, City of Chicago, Department of Law, 121 N. La Salle Street, Suite 600, Chicago, IL 60602:
• Cover letter; • Resume; • Law school transcript (unofficial is acceptable); and • Two writing samples.

NOTE: All writing samples submitted in consideration for employment must comply with the following criteria:

1. Each writing sample submitted must be no less than five (5) pages and no more than twenty (20) pages.

2. Each writing sample must be written by the applicant within two years of submission.

3. Each writing sample must be accompanied by a cover page explaining:
the sample’s original purpose, e.g. a writing class, moot court brief, memorandum for an employer;
when and for whom the sample was written;
the extent of editing by any third party;
if the writing sample is an excerpt from a larger document, identify that larger document and provide context, if necessary.

If an applicant chooses to submit a writing sample containing confidential or privileged information, the applicant must identify the steps taken (redactions, name changes or consent from the client or employer) to preserve the confidential or privileged nature of the document.

Evaluation: Your initial evaluation will be based on the documents submitted. Applications must be submitted by the individual applicant. No second party applications will be accepted.

Residency Requirement: An employee must be an actual resident of the City of Chicago. Proof of residency will be required at the time of employment.

If you are disabled and require a reasonable accommodation to file your application, please contact the City of Chicago, Department of Human Resources at 312-744-4976, TTY 312-744-5035. You will be required to provide information regarding your request.
The City of Chicago is an Equal Employment Opportunity Employer
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Starting Pay Rate: Commensurate with experience Posting Closing Date: November 30, 2012