2011 Mid-Year CLE Agenda Topics

Practical Alternative Dispute Resolution – Managing a Smooth, Timely and Economical Arbitration

Antitrust and Consumer Protection Issues

Contract Negotiation Strategies for Small to Mid Sized Companies versus Large Companies

Corporate Securities Disclosure Rules and the Dodd Frank Act

Social Media and Network Abuse

Effective Collaboration with Outside Counsel in Complex Litigation

FCPA and Anti Bribery Presentation

What to do when the Feds com knocking

Exempt or non Exempt – Independent Contractor

GC Roundtable on Ethics

Best Practices in E-Discovery/Document Retention Policies

Corporate Insurance Basics

Immigration Law Update

Conducting Workplace Investigations

Ethical Pitfalls for In House Counsel

Labor and Employment Topic

E- Discovery and Cloud Computing

Litigating the Oil Spill Case